To take an idea about Enana, Please read our services below, that might explain some of our company core idea


Company Profile

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Enana Services

Products Marketing

Market your products through exhibitions, workshops, seminars and other marketing activities

Products Registration

Following up all registration procedures for your company and products in KIMADIA (The state procurement organisation).

Provides Market Needs

Provides you with market intelligence such as KIMADIA’s needs, estimated tender budget and last awarded prices as well as competitors’ prices.

Engage in Public Sector

Engage in public sector tenders on your behalf including project implementation and following up payment.

Introduce New Products

Introduce new products to key medical professionals and evaluation committees to gain products approval.

Products Installation

Products installation and maintenance and other after sale services.

Keeping You Up to date

Keeping your company up-to-date with the Iraqi market latest developments

Logistic Resources Utilizing

Utilizing the logistic resources to provide rapid and safe products distribution network from port of entry up to the client warehouse.