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ENANA (INANNA) (click for more information about enana name)


Inanna; Sumerian, Akkadian: Ištar;  is the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, and warfare, and goddess of the E-Anna temple at the city of Uruk, her main center.

Established in 1998, Enana is a major supplier of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and technologies to the Iraqi market- serving both the public sector as well as the private sector. Our mission is to utilize our expertise and business relationships to support the Iraqi healthcare system through providing it with vital products and solutions from renowned international companies. As well as being driven by the healthcare market immediate needs; our goal is to drive the Iraqi market towards innovative technologies.

With annual business volume of $59 million (see our Financial results in Appendix A ), we have approximately 60 employees and serve major customers such as the Iraqi Ministry of Health (MOH) through its procurement arm KIMADIA-‘The State Company for Marketing Drugs and Medical Appliances’. We have also developed a portfolio of agencies- from 40 International and regional suppliers- which offer a broad range of products and technologies.

Our business entities and branches incorporated in Iraq, Jordan, United Arab Emirate and Sweden. We are also part of Al Tamimi Group, a well-established and diverse business group since 1946. For more information about our business background and organisational structure.



Enana is a division of Tamimi Group, a well established group in Iraq since 1946. The Group owns Al-Alalmain Hospital the first private hospital in Baghdad

Enana was founded and registered with Iraqi Ministry of Health (MOH) in 1998 as ‘Enana Drug Scientific Bureau’.

In 2005, Tamimi Group established ‘Enana Al-Iraq’ for trading pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies (Enana Al-Iraq MPC) in order to expand and support Enana Drug Scientific Bureau’s business. In 2006, Enana Al-Iraq MPC expanded to open two new branches in Karbala and Irbil (Province of Kurdistan).

In 2010, Enana’s second drug scientific bureau was established (Abu Dhabi Drug Scientific Bureau) along with 3 other companies, Enana for Trading Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies Jordan and ISIN a Swedish based trading Co.

In 2011, Enana Al-Iraq MPC opened its 3rd branch in Basra, in order to cover countrywide and service all major provinces.

Since we have been established, our business has experienced a healthy growth in all aspects

Continuous Growth and Expansion - New Company Location - New Office

Enana Al-Iraq Mpc. Basra

ISIN AB, Sweden

Enana for trading Pharmaceuticals & Medical Supplies – Jordan

Abo Dhabi Drug Scientific Bureau Baghdad

Enana Al-Iraq Mpc. Karbala’

Enana Success

Enana succeeded to grow despite the high risks mainly due High adaptability to circumstances, for example;